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The final key you will ever need

PasswordLESS future is coming with major identity companies.
Now we can take advantage to safely control our keys and passwords with pleasure, convenience and sovereignty.

W3C Fido2 Webauthn eIDAS OpenSSH BIP84 PSBT

Simplicity is security
Convenience not a trade-off

Nø more single points
of failure

All keys are secured in
multisignature vault and never
reconstructed intact.

key management

Organized, visible and straightforward.
Feel confidence, not concerns.

Zero-trust backup
& recovery

Keep yours sovereign with ease.
Do not take risk of loss
or 3rd party access.

How could it all be possible?

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The way general magic happens:


Lastkey App

Ubiquitous UI to manage all your keys along with passwords for legacy systems.
It keeps your everyday credentials for sleek passwordless experience. And used as a co-signer for more valuable keys.

2nd co-signer

Securely communicated co-signer tool used to access sensitive keys together with Lastkey app.
It is like flawless and sovereign 2nd factor.
Designed to fit your habits (wearable, offline or remote).

Personal vault

Automated self-hosted backup accessable with:
- sovereign multi-signature
- set of zero-trust recovery interfaces (incl. external).

The industry leaders and cryptography veterans


The industry leaders
and cryptography

Sophisticated implementation of well-known cryptography, designed by professionals for people.

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"The weakest link in the
security chain is the human element"

- Kevin Mitnick.        

Master your keys with confidence.
Don't give a chance for accidents.

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